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How often is the SpaceMed Guide updated?

The third (current) edition of the SpaceMed Guide was published in the spring of 2015. If you purchased an earlier edition, you can see what's new. The SpaceMed Guide aligns with the FGI Guidelines documents which are updated every four years. A thorough review of the recently-published 2018 FGI Guidelines documents reveals that there are minimal changes that impact the required spaces, minimum room sizes, and nomenclature in the current edition of the SpaceMed Guide. As a result, we have issued an addendum, which highlights any inconsistencies, in lieu of publishing another edition of the SpaceMed Guide at this time.

What is a Single-User License?

A single-user license authorizes the licensed user (purchaser) of the SpaceMed Guide© to install the Stamped PDF and Microsoft® Excel Space Planning Templates on up to three personal computers/devices (such as a work computer, laptop, and tablet) for use by the licensed user on one computer/device at a time. The Stamped PDF and Space Planning Templates cannot be installed or accessed on or through a network.

What is a Stamped PDF?

The SpaceMed Guide workbook is available as a Stamped PDF (portable document format) that can be downloaded immediately upon completion of your purchase. The PDF provides an electronic image of text and graphics that looks like the Hard Copy document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. The name and email address of the purchaser (licensed user) will be “stamped” at the bottom of each page of the PDF.

Where can I find the Stamped PDF and Microsoft® Excel Templates that I purchased?

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the Stamped PDF and Microsoft® Excel Space Planning Templates (ZIP file). The link can be used up to three times for the next 14 days and then it will expire.

What if the purchaser is not the same person as the end user?

The purchaser's name and email address will be on the Stamped PDF. If the purchaser in your company is different than the end user, you can request that the end-user license be transferred to a different person within 14 days of your purchase. Please complete the Request License Transfer form with the original order number and name and email address of the end user. We will reissue the Stamped PDF to the designated end user and revoke the purchase's access.

Can I print the Stamped PDF file?

Yes. You are permitted to make one single printed copy of the Stamped PDF for your personal use.

How do I view the Stamped PDF?

Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view PDF files on your computer/device. You can get the free download from the Adobe website.

What version of Microsoft® Excel is used for the space planning templates?

The SpaceMed Templates are formatted for Microsoft® Excel 97-2003 and later versions (.xls) and can be saved in either .xls or .xlsx format. The Templates can be used on any Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS device on which the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software is installed.

How do I unprotect the Microsoft® Excel Space Planning Templates?

Each worksheet is protected to prevent overwriting of the data and formulas. All shaded cells are unprotected so that you may enter your own figures. If you want to make changes to the protected cells, you must unprotect the sheet. Be aware that you are changing the document and must make a copy of the original file for future use. To unprotect a worksheet, go to the Review tab, in the Changes group, click Unprotect Sheet, and use the password "spacemed" (lowercase). For earlier version of Excel, go to Tools, then Protection, and click Unprotect Sheet.

Can I copy the Microsoft® Excel Templates?

You may use the Microsoft® Excel Templates to assist you in planning for space that you personally use, such as your healthcare facility, or for specific projects for clients of yours. You may make one copy of the Templates for archival and back-up purposes, provided the copy contains all of the original template’s proprietary notices.

Is state sales tax included?

Michigan state sales tax of 6% is included in the price for Michigan residents only. All other purchasers are responsible for the sales tax in their respective states.

Do you offer a library edition or discounts for use of the SpaceMed Guide in the classroom?

Please contact us for special requests.