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Workload dependant spaces, such as surgical operating rooms and exam rooms, typically depend on the projected workload. For example, one operating room may be planned for every 900 annual surgical cases or one exam room provided for every 1,500 annual clinic visits.

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Variable spaces are based on the total number of patient care or treatment spaces programmed, the number and type of staff working on the primary shift, and the specific equipment and vendor selected. For example, three waiting area seats may be programmed per exam room in a clinic or one handwashing station for every four patient recovery bays.

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Fixed spaces do not vary in number or size regardless of the overall scope of activities of the department or functional component. For example, there is always a unit clerk workstation for each inpatient nursing unit and an environmental services room in the food services area.

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Optional spaces depend on the scope of services, specific operational concepts, administrative policy, and the desired level of amenities to be provided. Optional spaces also depend on the availability of shared or centralized spaces elsewhere in the facility. Examples include conference rooms, staff break rooms, and public toilet facilities.